moveLOC xc
lightweight for Racing

Ultra lightweight dropper post for XC and marathon racing.

 from 369€*


moveLOC xc

The dropper post for XC and marathon racing. 
Ultra light-weight, strong and reliable. Quick and easy installation.

100 mm of travel
up to 390 mm extended length

We designed the moveLOC xc with an overall extended length of 390mm. This fits the typical dimensions of conventional seat posts. 

Lower tube
40 mm variable length

The lower tube of the moveLOC xc can be shortened by up to 40 mm. This reduces the installation length if required, and reduces the weight by 11g down to 380 g.


Starting at 380 Gramms
 ultra lightweight

The moveLOC xc weighs in at only 380 g (shortened, without remote).


Strong & Proofed
Tenstbench & field-test

Strong and lightweight are results of load-driven construction and testing in-house.
The stability of was additionally proofen externally by passing the



 for all bikes

The moveLOC xc fits all frames with seat tube diameters of 30,9 / 31,6 / 34,9 mm.

flexible & light
seat clamp with titanium bolts

The saddle is clamped by two titanium bolts. This result in a broad range of adjustability.
The saddle clamp is also suitable for oval carbon saddle rails.

Durable mechanical locking
 Failsafe button

The moveLOC xc can be operated at any time via an integrated failsafe button, even without remote. The mechanism is shielded from water and mud. No internal hydraulics! This makes the moveLOC xc durable and reliable.

External routing
quick and fast installation

External routing allows quick and easy installation and deinstallation of the moveLOC xc.


Universal Remote
Light & flexible

The universal remote can be mounted right of left and is compatible with all kinds of drivetrains.
It weighs in at 19 g and is designed to be strong by using AL 7075.


Trigger style
 ergonomic remote

The moveLOC xc is also compatible with the ergonomic trigLOC remote in trigger style. With only 17 g it is the lightest trigger style remote we know of. Made from AL7075 it is designed to be super strong.


technical data
dropper post moveLOC xc


Scoper of supply moveLOC xc

  • 1 x moveLOC xc dropper post

  • 1 x remote (universal or trigLOC incl. 1.3m bowden cable)

  • 1 x accessories (zipties / bowden cable holder/ manual)

Info & compatibility

  • The moveLOC 2 dropper post can be used with all MTB Frames, which come with a seat post inner diameter of 30,9 / 31,6 / 34,9 mm

  • Use our CONFIGURATOR to find the right length for your bike

  • The lower tube of the moveLOC xc can be shortened by up to 40 mm.



Dimensions & technical data

Typ moveLOC xc 100
Travel [mm]100
Dropper post
Weight [g] 1
ab 380
Univeral / trigLOC
Remote [g]
19 / 17
140cm, unshortened
Bowden cable [g]
Positions [mm]0 / 40 / 100
A [mm] A175-215
B [mm] B165
C [mm] C340-380
D [mm] Dmax. 290
Minimum insertion [mm]123
Outer­ diameter [mm] 230.9
Maximum rider weight120kg
Materialmain part made from 3D forged aluminium 7075
Surface finishblack anodizied / guiding hard coated
Bowden cablestandard shifting cable with plastic housing
Gas springpressure range 200-300PSI, refillable with standard shock pump
Adapter shimØ 31.6mm | Length 120mm | weight 11g  
Ø 34.9mm | Length 140mm | weight 36g
Rail clampTilting range +/-8,5°, sliding area 28,5mm
Saddle rail clamp2 pcs. M6x30 Titanium -Allen bolt
Warranty2 Years, Terms of guarantee

1 Weight including remote
2 Adaption for inner seat post diameter 31.6mm / 34.9mm with reducing shims
A Depth of insertion into the seatpost tube: If your frame doesn't provide this length, you have to add the missing value to length B, because you can not insert the post completly into the seat post tube
B Extended length: middle saddle rail to upper edge seat post tube. This is the minimum value which has to exist. The maximum distance is the max. extension length
C Total length of dropper post
D Maxiumum extension length dropper post


3D Forging & 3D Milling
at its best

Vecnum moveLOC XC