Dropper post Configurator

4 simple steps to find the perfect
dropper post for your bike frame.

STEP 1 - Cable routing
Your bike frame has to be prepared for internal cable routing.
STEP 2 A - The perfect matching length
If you touch down with the seat post head before you reach any block in the seat post tube (kink, linkage lever, etc....), the maximum insertion is not finally achieved. To detected the maximum insertion, you should use a longer seat post.
STEP 2 B - The perfect matching length
STEP 3 - Do i need a shim?
Potential errors
Please make sure to measure the wide, lower part of the seat post which gets inserted into the frame – not the upper stanchion tube of the seat post. Please make sure that there isn’t already a shim in the seat tube of the frame when measuring the frame seat tube diameter.
STEP 4 - The correct seat post clamp
READY - Configuration recommendation
Please enter the name of the bike which you used for this configuration.