Dropper post NIVO

One dropper to rule them all

The lightest dropper post up to 212mm travel.
NIVO INDEXED 4-fold indexed
NIVO TRAVELFIT infinity travel

from 429€*



THE lightest, dropper post up to 212mm travel.
Internal cable routing, with the mechanical locking system shutLOC. 

Maximum Travel
90 - 212 mm

The NIVO dropper post is available in 4 different length with a travel range between 90 mm to 212mm. Therefore you can fit your NIVO perfect to your body proportions as well as the size of your bike frame.


You have the choice
INFINITY or indexed

The NIVO is available in 2 different versions:
NIVO TRAVELFIT with infinity² travel or
NIVO INDEXED with 4-fold indexed travel


ultralight & strong
from 395 Grams

The Vecnum NIVO is extremely reliable and still the lightest dropper post by comparable length. We achieve this by a consequent load optimized design and countless runs on our in-house test bench.
Facts of the the design are:
- 3D-forged AL 7075 telescopic tubes with an oval inner shape
- mechanical “shutLOC” locking system
- one piece clamping head with titanium bolts


up to 32mm TRAVELFIT

With the brand new TRAVELFIT adjustment system you can reduce the maximum travel infinitely² up to 32mm. This allows you to use the maximum travel with your bike frame and the NIVO dropper post. For example: You calculated a maximum travel of 200mm for your bike. In this case you can select a NIVO 212mm TRAVELFIT post and reduce the travel with TRAVELFIT by 12mm.


only 42mm Stack

To enable a maximum of travel, we shortened the dropper stack as much as possible.


shutLOC: SMART Bolt
lightweight, mechanical, strong

The new patented shutLOC locking system is a small masterpiece of engineering. Thanks to a smart design made from hardened stainless steel it is outstandingly reliable, robust and lightweight.


internal cable routing 
Clean LOOK

The new shutLOC locking system is specially designed to use internal cable routing for the remote lever.
If your bike frame is not intended for internal cable routing, our moveLOC dropper post would be the right choice.

 for all Bikes

With our shims, the NIVO dropper post will fit to all common seatpost diameter.
(30,9mm / 31,6mm / 34,9 mm)


Drop with style
custom coloUr Concept

With your Vecnum NIVO you get a set of coloured O-Rings. With these O-Rings you can customize the NIVO so that the look matches perfectly to the colour scheme of your bike. This is the icing on the top for your NIVO.


made easy

Regarding serviceability we already set a new benchmark with our moveLOC dropper post. For sure, we also thought about this topic during the design of the NIVO dropper post:
Just remove one nut with a 5 mm allen key for servicing the telescope guiding of the NIVO.


Universal Remote
light & FLEXIBLE

The universal remote can be installed for left or right hand actuation and offers maximum flexibility. This remote type should be your choice if you use a bike with a front derailleur.
At only 19 grams incl. handle bar clamp, the remote is very light weight.
Being made from 7075 aluminium alloy, the design is incredibly robust.



The NIVO is available with the universal remote as well as with the new trigLOC remote in shifter style design. Also, the trigLOC remote is the lightest shifter that we know of. 





  • 1 x NIVO dropper post

  • 1 x remote control (universal or trigLOC incl. 1.8m bowden cable)

  • 1 x custom colour O-Ring set


  • The NIVO dropper post can be used with all MTB frames, which come with a seat tube inner diameter of 30,9 / 31,6 / 34,9 mm

  • Use our CONFIGURATOR to find the right length for your bike



Typ NIVO NIVO 122 NIVO 152 NIVO 182 NIVO 212
Travel [mm] 122 152 182 212
Weight dropper post [g] 1
395 / 397 433 / 435 471 / 473 509 / 511
Universal / trigLOC
Remote shifter [g]
19 / 17 19 / 17 19 / 17 19 / 17
uncut 180cm
Weight remote cable [g]
41 41 41 41
Index positions
0/40/90/122 0/40/90/152 0/40/100/182 0/40/100/212
0-122 infinitely2 0-152 infinitely2 0-182 infinitely2 0-212 infinitely2
Insertion length max. A [mm] A 227 257 287 317
Projection length B [mm] B 164 194 224 254
Total length C [mm] C 391 451 511 571
Projection length max. D [mm] D 275 305 335 365
Insertions length min. E [mm] 116 146 176 206
Travel adjustment F [mm]
0 / 0-322 0 / 0-322 0 / 0-322 0 / 0-322
Remote cableholder length H [mm] H 24 24 24 24
Outer­dia­meter [mm] 3 30,9
Maximum rider weight 120kg
Material main part made from 3D forged aluminium 7075
surface finishing black anodized / guiding hard coated
Cable type standard shifting cable
Gas spring pressure range 200-300PSI, refillable with standard shock pump
Adapter shims Ø 31,6mm | Length 120mm | Weight 11g  or
Ø 34,9mm | Length 140mm | Weight 36g
Rail clamp tilting range +/-8.5°, sliding area 28,5mm
Saddle rail clamp 2 pcs. M6x30 Titanium-Bolts
Warranty 2 years, terms of guarantee

1 Weight excluding remote.
2 The dropper post travel with TRAVELFIT adjustment occurs in 4mm increments. In practice you cannot notice these steps and it feels like the travel is infinitely adjustable.
3 Adaption for inner seat post diameter 31.6mm / 34.9mm with reducing shims.
A Depth of insertion into the seatpost tube: If your frame doesn't provide this length, you have to add the missing distance to length B, because you cannot insert the post completely into the seat post tube.
B Extended length:middle saddle rail to upper edge seat post tube. This is the minimum value which has to exist. The maximum distance is the max. extension length.
C Total length of dropper post.
D Maximum projection length of the dropper post.
H Due to the shape of the cable holder, the required insertion depth can be smaller.


One dropper to rule them all.

Vecnum NIVO