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With the CONFIGURATOR you can easily choose the right dropper post for your bike.


The NIVO dropper post manual with instruction for installation, maintenance and setup.




  1. Why is the NIVO dropper post extremely light and yet more stable than our competitors?
    For the production of the NIVO we are using high performance materials. That means materials such as 3D forged AL 7075 aluminium for the telescopic tubes, hardened stainless steel for the locking unit and high-performance plastic for the gliding system etc. Even more important than using high performance materials is a consequently load capable optimized design. As a result of in-house testing equipment, the new shutLOC locking system for the NIVO was born. Our uncompromised methods and strive for performance comes at a cost and the production of these high-end components is not cheap. For example, the seat post tubes are manufactured as a single piece which is expensive to do but unbeatable with regard to weight and stability. The new mechanical locking system - shutLOC - allows the use an oval shape design for the inside of the telescopic tubes and this is more complicated in terms of production but yields a far more superior product. No one else follows this path as consistently as Vecnum for the manufacture of top quality performance dropper posts.

  2. Why we developed a mechanical locking system for the NIVO dropper post
    From our point of view, a mechanical locking system had various important advantages.
    - Reliability
    - Flexibility
    - Serviceability
    - Stability
    - Low weight
    The only disadvantage is a more complex production system. We try to compensate for this with our extremely efficient in-house production.

  3. Why is the NIVO dropper post only available in 30.9 mm outer diameter?
    One reason for that is weight. When considering a post with 212mm travel, you will have a huge weight penalty, if you do the whole outer post tube just is 0.7 mm thicker. Using a shim for different seat post outer diameter also makes the post more flexible, if you change your frame in the future.
    More flexibility and less weight!

  4. Is the NIVO dropper post also available in 27.2 mm diameter?
    No. Considering our concern for stability, our design is not available in 27.2 mm diameter.

  5. Why does the NIVO dropper post work nearly backlash free?
    We designed a patented anti-rotation system for our post. Thanks to a spring-loaded guiding system there is nearly no backlash.

  6. NIVO INDEXED | NIVO TRAVELFIT - Why is there an indexed and infinite Version available?

    We think that four-point indexing is better than infinite travel. Of course, we could make more steps along the travel but according to our experience, 4 positions are perfect because you can find the positions really quickly and intuitively. With 4 positions you always know exactly where your saddle is located and which handicap you have to consider during a movement on your bike.
    However, we also know that there are different opinions for this topic so therefore the NIVO can handle both. In combination with the TRAVELFIT adjustment, the shutLOC system is the most flexible system that we are aware of.


  1. Where can I buy Vecnum products?
    You can order all of our products directly in our online shop. We ship all over the world (except USA).

  2. Why do I have to use the CONFIGURATOR for choosing a dropper post from Vecnum?
    The NIVO dropper post is available in different versions and length. The Configurator will find the best dropper post, which fits perfectly your frame size as well as your body size.

Installation & Maintenance

  1. Is there any possibility to use the NIVO dropper post on bikes without internal our stealth cable routing?
    No, sorry! Therefore, we have perfect solution with the moveLOC dropper post

  2. How does it work regarding service, if I am not located in Germany?
    You order your dropper post directly from the design & manufacturing company in Germany.
    We are working together with an excellent parcel service.
    This allows to us to offer a good and quick service within a few days, directly from our company all over the world.

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