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 Manual for the external frok travel adjustment with all information for installation, setup & maintenance


Video Tutorial for leveLOC installation.
All information for an easy setup on your bike




  1. Do I have to remove the leveLOC for downhill?
    No, you don't have to remove the leveLOC for going downhill or on the trail. The fork suspension will not have any influence with the attached leveLOC.
  2. The leveLOC has a quick connect interface. Why?
    Our target during the design process was maximum flexibility. However, you don't have to remove the leveLOC device for going down. The quick connect interface is rather aiming at different setups for your bike, for instance if you go to a bike park for a day. 
  3. Why can't I use the leveLOC for all type of forks?
    The leveLOC needs a front faced fork crone to attache the cable rope on the lower fork section. Nearly all manufacturers use this design.  You cannot use the leveLOC with Manitou forks, Cannondale Lefty forks, DT-Swiss forks, Magura forks as well as generally not with  Up-Side-Down forks.
  4. Why do we offer the leveLOC exclusively with the Syntace Megaforce 2 stem?
    For the leveLOC interface to the stem, we need a special design for the handle bar clamps with an exact dimension. The Syntace Megaforce 2 stem fits exactly to the leveLOC and is available in a variety of lengths between 30 and 80mm
  5. Does the leveLOC also fit on a direct mount stem?
    Unfortunately not. 


  1. Where can I buy Vecnum products?
    You can order all our products directly in our online shop. We are shipping all over Europe.


  1. Can the leveLOC cause damages on the fork?
    We did extensive tests with several forks, without noticing fork damage. Anyways, we cannot cover any liability for possible damages on the forks.
  2. Which components are subjected to wearing on the leveLOC?
    The rope from the pulley should be checked regularly, as well as the rope which clamps the leveLOC onto fork crown. If there are any clear signs of wear, you have to replace the ropes.
  3. How does it work regarding service, if I am not located in Germany?
    You order your products directly from a design & manufacturing company in Germany.
    We are working together with an excellent parcel service.
    This allows us to offer a good and quick service within a few days, directly from our company all over Europe.