moveLOC 2

What's NEW?
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Machining & ASSEMBLy

The biggest challenge for Vecnum was ramping up the production of the moveLOC 2 in-house. When we decided to go this way, we knew that this would take some time & efforts. Today we are really happy that we went down this path. Production & design in-house offered us completely new possibilities to realize non-conform and technically challenging solutions. The decision for manufacturing in-house was based on the fact that the stuff already had extensive experience with production in the aerospace sector.

Clamping head
optimized weight & 3D-CNC style

The  upper & lower tube of the moveLOC dropper post is designed as a one piece 3D-forging part. This makes the components strong and light-weight, but also tricky and expensive for machining. For optimizing this process we implemented an elaborate 3D-CNC milling step in addition to the costly 3D-Forging process. This improves weight & leads to our unique design. Such sophisticated manufacturing techniques make the moveLOC 2 one-of-a-kind amongst all available dropper posts.

new dust wiper
better performance and durability

The new dust wiper comes with a spring loaded sealing lip. For easy re-lubrication you can simply lift the dust wiper with a tire lever. This enables maintenance of your dropper post without removing it from your bike.
Summary: better performance | fewer parts | easy handling

Installation dimensions
Shortened seat tube insertion

A redesign of the lower outer tube led to a reduction of the insertion depth by 8 mm (A). The new end stop for the internal gas spring is a circlip, making the moveLOC 2 even lighter.
Summary: less weight | standard parts | dimension improvement


Less backlash and smooth travel was our intention. The re-designed anti-rotation system comes with a new spring preloaded guiding. The spring keeps the backlash tight and  guarantees long-lasting performance.

Total summery

We took the chances we got by manufacturing in-house, and re-designed the well running moveLOC dropper post towards increased durability & light weight.