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trigLOC installation manual for download 




  1. For which type of dropper post can I use the trigLOC remote lever in shifter style?
    The trigLOC remote lever can be used for all cable actuated dropper posts. An overview of the most common dropper post models can you find here.
  2. Why can I use the trigLOC lever for all cable actuated dropper posts?
    As a result of a well engineered cable clamp, the trigLOC remote lever can be used for dropper posts with lever side cable clamping as well as for types with post side cable clamping. 
  3. Why do we use SRAM Trigger-Mount-Interface?
    With this interface, you are able to install the trigLOC remote lever directly to the most common brake levers. Various brands offer adapters for SRAM matchmaker.


  1. Where can I by Vecnum products?
    You can order all our products directly in our online shop. We are shipping all over Europe.


  1. Will my moveLOC dropper post work in the same way with the trigLOC remote as with the universal remote?
    Generally we think, that a remote lever for dropper post is a great  improvement for actuating a dropper post. Due to the elimination of the front derailleur, this really ergonomic positions is predestined for the dropper post remote  
  2. Do I have to change something on my moveLOC for using the trigLOC remote?
    You have to install a new reinforced cable return spring, specific for the trigLOC remote. With this spring you get a nice haptic, when you activate the remote. 
  3. Is there any wearing on the remote lever?
    The pivot bearing is sealed with an o-ring with a life time lubrication. Therefore there is no service necessary.
  4. How does it work regarding service, if I am not located in Germany?
    You order your products directly from a design & manufacturing company in Germany.
    We are working together with an excellent parcel service.
    This allows us to offer good and quick service within a few days, directly from our company, all over Europe.